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    Google Maps ceased to work in Webviewer


      Hi everybody,


      I wonder, if anybody has similar problems, so this might be a general problem, or if there is an error in my code.


      The following code stopped working in my webviewer today:


      "http://local.google.com/maps?" & "q=" & PD Dozenten::inp_Doz_Straße & "," & PD Dozenten::inp_Doz_Ort & "," & PD Dozenten::inp_Doz_PLZ & "," & PD Dozenten::inp_Doz_Land & "&z=15&output=embed"


      It throws the error message: "The Google Maps Embed API must be used in an iframe." (Generated by Google, not by FM)


      So I assumed, that maybe there was an upgrade with google maps and tried to implement the more recent form, according to https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/embed/guide


      "https://www.google.com/maps/embed/v1/place?key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" & "&q=" & E Einrichtungen::inp_KD_Straße & "," & E Einrichtungen::inp_KD_Ort & "," & E Einrichtungen::inp_KD_PLZ & "," & E Einrichtungen::inp_KD_Land & "&zoom=15"


      Which throws:

      The Google Maps API server rejected your request. This API project is not authorized to use this API.


      Are there any experiences with Open Street Maps (which seems the best to me, since it is Open Source) oder Bing Maps?


      Thanks for your comments in advance.





      FMP adv 12.5

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