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Showing a list of records with check marked fields (1 line for each check marked field)

Question asked by tommymang on Mar 21, 2014
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I'm fairly new to Filemaker Pro, hope someone can help me with the following:



In my database each record has some fields (for example field5, field6 and field7) which have a check mark ON or OFF. Field1 is the title for the record.


Now I would like to show a list of the records in which those fields have that check mark ON, but I want to show one line for each check marked field.


Let's say I have 3 records: record1 has field5 check marked, record2 has field5 and field7 check marked, and record3 has field7 check marked.


So the found list looks like this:


field1 record1 - name field5 record1 ....

field1 record2 - name field5 record2 ....

field1 record2 - name field7 record2 ....

field1 record3 - name field7 record3 ....



As far as I know a found set of records normally shows 1 line for each found record (not more), so how do I go about to show more than one line for each found record that has more than one check marked field?


And also how can I show in that list the name of that check marked field, in second position, after "field1 record#".


Thanks in advance.