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Layout mode - FileMaker 13 not responding

Question asked by dburnham on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by steveromig

Have others been experiencing a new behavior in FileMaker 13 where in Layout Mode, the application becomes non-responsive for no apparent reason, requiring either an enormous degree of patience until the spinning ball (mac) is done doing its thing and returns to a cursor, or a force-quit becomes necessary, of course losing all unsaved work?


When it hangs up and eventually does come back to responsiveness again, I'm talking about a waiting period of about 3-5 minutes.


To give an example, this is one that I was able to reproduce several times today: I select a field label and use the format painter tool to apply the format to a number of other field labels. Clicking the first new field label, no problem. Clicking a second field label, no problem. Clicking the third field label: spinning ball begins. 4 minutes later, I have my cursor (paintbrush) again.