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    Insert Merge Field


      I use ‘Insert Merge Field’ for addresses on my print page.

      However, when there is something missing such as address 2, it leaves a blank space that is not pleasant to look at.

      Is there a correction for this?


      Thank you.

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          It's pretty easy to calculate a "display" field for merged address if you wanted to merge everything to a single field:


          Table::Address1 & if ( Not IsEmpty( Table::Address2) ; "" & Table::Address2 ; "" ) & "" & Table::City & ", " & Table::State & " " & Table::Zip


          Sometimes this is preferred as it gives you greater control over the exact display. You can roll in other things to, like left(Table::Zip;5) to trim the zip code to five places, in your calc line using this method as well.


          If you want to stick with the merge fields, you can also use the "slide up, also reduce size" print options for those text boxes to achieve your sliding. Here's a document that covers that:


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            I saw this and slapped myself silly. Of course it works and skips "empty/non-blank" (Address2) automatically, inserts the returns and everything:



                 ( Table::Address1

                 ; Table::Address2

                 ; Table::City & ", " & Table::State & " " & Table::Zip




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              oops, meant skips Blank, but shows non-blank...

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                Just set everything below the first address to slide up.  If there is no address 2, the slide will remove the blank line.

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                  The 'slide' feature doesn't work.

                  When I highlight the merge field, the slide feature becomes inactive.

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                    'Slide' works on an entire block of text. Anything within the block slides, if the setting for it is on. You cannot slide individual words, phrases, or paragraphs in a block. If you need such, you may be able to have multiple blocks and slide what you will (left and/or up). However, that can be complex and possibly NOT work as intended. FM is not a word processor - sorry!


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                      Split the merge object into two merge objects with name and address 1 in the first object and Address 2 and the rest of the label in the second object.  Then set the second merge object to slide up.