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    Is there a 'hard page break" in layout ?


      I have a layout showing one record which showing fields spead out over two pages.

      It works fine, but sometimes when the user chages printers, the top of the second page shows at the bottom of the first page.


      Is there a trick to force a 'new page' for the bottom part of the layout?

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          What happens if you increase the size of the Body section of your report layout?  While filemaker is printing, it checks to see if there is enough room to print the body before going to the next page.  This may fix the printing on the other printer, but screw up the printing on the 1st.  If the records are sorted, you can insert a subsummary break and have it do a page break before or after each occurrence.

          Cheers, Mark

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            Try using fixed margins to print. The two printers probably have different minimum bottom margins which might be causing the differences with printing.