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    Portal doesnt show Records




      I just have made a weird experience! Normally I can at least logically understand that something is wrong but this time its weird!


      I have a relationship based on a kg_remind = 1 and a reminder key = calculationfield that return 1 if my my needs are met,

      the relationship is kg_remind = reminder key


      Now I checked the calculation field, its all working perfectly, it shows 1 when I want the relationship in the portal and 0 when I don't.


      So it should all work nice, only problem is that the portal just stays empty!

      So I just made another field to see why! I just created a field and wrote 1 in it. Then I used my new field in the relationship, instead of my calc field, and tataa it works!


      So I am superconfused! Is it posible that relationships are not possible with calc fields? What else could be the reason for this?

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          Which file has your global field?  Are you expecting to see records there?  Global fields are the same for all records.  Try swapping your global and calculation to the other table and see what happens.  Calculations can be used in relationships provided the results are stored.  If you checked "do not store..." the field can not be indexed, thus can not be used in a relationship.  At least that's been my experience.

          Cheers, Mark

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            The Global field should be right, its just to get result from all records that also are resulting in one.

            On the Table with the global field I placed the portal! So that all should be correct! Thats how I have done it before!


            As of the calculation. The results are not stored, and it doesn't let me store it either because the field is refereing to other fields!

            So that might be the problem here!


            Any Ideas for a workaround?


            EDIT: I mean I could create a new field that is populated via script, but it just seems messy... if there is a more elegant solution I would love to hear about it

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              I've run into that several times.  A non-indexed field can't be used in a relationship.  Can you run a script to set a new field (or replace) and use that field in the relationship? Somehow you need to get a field that contains what you want and have that field be indexed.


              Cheers, Mark

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                Yup, what Mark said. The related field on the child side of the relationship cannot be an unstored calculation. I usually get round this by instead of using a calculation field, I'll set up script triggers for the fields that your calculation is based on, that update a text or number field instead. Does the same thing, but you can then set that field to a stored field, and your portal will work as expected.


                Good luck, James

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