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Portal doesnt show Records

Question asked by raphthepenguin on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by musoguy



I just have made a weird experience! Normally I can at least logically understand that something is wrong but this time its weird!


I have a relationship based on a kg_remind = 1 and a reminder key = calculationfield that return 1 if my my needs are met,

the relationship is kg_remind = reminder key


Now I checked the calculation field, its all working perfectly, it shows 1 when I want the relationship in the portal and 0 when I don't.


So it should all work nice, only problem is that the portal just stays empty!

So I just made another field to see why! I just created a field and wrote 1 in it. Then I used my new field in the relationship, instead of my calc field, and tataa it works!


So I am superconfused! Is it posible that relationships are not possible with calc fields? What else could be the reason for this?