PSoS Error 812

Discussion created by jsorge on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by FabriceNordmann

Hey everyone,

I've got an issue when I try to run a Perform Script on Server step (with the callback) returning to me error 812 which reads that the server is over capacity. When this is happening I have just a couple of open connections and no scripts running. I have set my server to handle a max of 125 concurrent scripts running which should be plenty for what I'm doing and yet it just fails. Has anyone seen this behavior in their setups? If I restart the fmse from the command line it seems to fire back up, but if it's not anywhere near stated would that indicate a bug in the server software?


I've just launched a mission critical application and it's relying heavily on that feature. That it's falling down hard is really disheartening. Thanks for the help.