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    PSoS Error 812


      Hey everyone,

      I've got an issue when I try to run a Perform Script on Server step (with the callback) returning to me error 812 which reads that the server is over capacity. When this is happening I have just a couple of open connections and no scripts running. I have set my server to handle a max of 125 concurrent scripts running which should be plenty for what I'm doing and yet it just fails. Has anyone seen this behavior in their setups? If I restart the fmse from the command line it seems to fire back up, but if it's not anywhere near stated would that indicate a bug in the server software?


      I've just launched a mission critical application and it's relying heavily on that feature. That it's falling down hard is really disheartening. Thanks for the help.


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          Wow... 125 simultaneous scripts running at once is pretty strenuous on a server.  The default value is 25.  I would first go and look in the log files.  If you have 125 script running simultaneously, I was suspect that there is a problem like a script that continuously loops and each user keeps firing off a never ending loop script.  That would be my first guess.  Also, when things get weird, I often will do a reinstall too.  FYI, FMS 13 is not all that stable and does not play well with other services, which is why FileMaker is recommending a dedicated machine to the FileMaker service (another topics, but quite disappointing of FileMaker).  Are you running many other services on the same box?  What OS?  And look in your Admin Console's Activity to see what scripts are running and don't seem to ever be completing. 

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            You can also get error 812 if the FileMaker Server Script Engine (FMSE) stopped responding.  You can restart it from the command line (there is no UI for it in the admin console).

            I agree with Taylor that 125 concurrent connections is going to stress out your server unless it is a beast of a server.  So make sure the server is up to the task.

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              Yeah 125 is a lot, and it's never going to hit that capacity unless I unleash all of them at once. My nightly routine consists of about 8 scripts that I want to run at the same time (all instances of the same script working through different record sets). It worked for me in the run-up to production but now that we're live it's crapping the bed. This is processing nightly price lists from distrbutors and can't fail. That it is is really bumming me out.


              I'm running this on a VM with plenty of resources, with a machine that is quite new with the E5 chip and 32GB of RAM. The FileMaker server is its only purpose in life. I'm just running it on Windows 7. Could an udpate to Windows 8 be better (said no one ever)?


              I think I'm going to have to resort to a daily job that resets the FMSE to hopefully clear up any errors. But this is not looking like a long-term solution, as the FileMaker server doesn't seem to be up to the task that we need it for.


              Thanks guys.


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                It is ironic that you asked this question because a Mac Server (10.8.5) hickuped last night and kept serving files, but would not run server side scripts and would always return the 812 error on me.  I had to restart the server to get it fixed.  Stopping and Starting in the Admin Console did not help. 

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                  taylorsharpe wrote:


                  It is ironic that you asked this question because a Mac Server (10.8.5) hickuped last night and kept serving files, but would not run server side scripts and would always return the 812 error on me.  I had to restart the server to get it fixed.  Stopping and Starting in the Admin Console did not help. 


                  Like I said earlier in the thread: you can only restart SASE from the command line, not the admin console.  When you do use the command line you can avoid having to restart the whole server.

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                    jsorge wrote:


                    My nightly routine consists of about 8 scripts that I want to run at the same time


                    From a robot machine or through server-side schedules?  Note that PSoS is not available in a server-side script

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                      Thanks for the reminder... I sometimes am just too lazy and do this at night when it doesn't effect other things.  But it is a good reminder in case I need to restart SASE and don't want to interupt other services.  Good point!

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                        I don't know if this is related but I'm also having problems scheudling scripts. When I select a file and enter my admin credentials (full access) it gives me a message that "No scripts are available for the selected account". I have lots of scheudles to setup and can't get anything to come up. Have you guys seen this issue either?




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                          I personally would put these in a single script that runs the 8 as a subscript sequentially one after the other instead of at the same time.  It might be slower, but it would be less taxing on the server and probably less problematic.  And if you're doing this at night, time supposedly won't be a factor.  Just an idea you might want to test out.  Running scripts at the same time requires more thought and planning such as record locking issues if two scripts want the same record at the same time, etc., and you would need to plan for such things with error trapping. 

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                            I have the record locking issue taken care of, since I set an ID to each individual import batch and the server "thread" runs only on that import. I've gone to great lengths to ensure no record locking conflict happens there.


                            I'm running a script on my workstation that kicks off all of the PSoS jobs. It just opens a URL that's a FileMaker script URL every night at 6PM (unless something else dies and blocks the file from opening – which has been happening more often).


                            These scripts if ran sequentially would take around 12-14 hours so I really need concurrency. If FileMaker can't help me with this then I'll just have to develop the app in something else that can. I just know that it's going to be a lot more work than getting it up on FileMaker was.

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                              There are lots of methods to optimize imports and server side scrips and some things are not as obvious as you might think.  And sometimes doing things sequentially are not the time penalty you think it might be.  I would at least test it out before discarding the idea if it keeps you from reaching a maximum of over server capacity.  I would look at field indexing and not indexing any fields you don't need indexed since that will improve import speeds. Turn on the statistics and do some analysis of how much things are being maxed out while running the scripts.  Performance is also very much impacted by disk speed.  You might consider SSDs or a fast RAID if you haven't already done that.  You have beefy processor (E5) and lots of RAM already (32 Gigs).  But you don't have a server operating system and services such as FileMaker Server do tend to run more optimally on a server OS.  Windows 7 and 8 or optimized for application performance and not service performance.  Yes, it can work on them, but I would consider looking at Windows Server 2008 or 2012 instead.  There are lots of things to try if you have the time and money.  But if you do, you can usually optimize and improve performance a lot. 

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                                I have a quite similar issue on a Windows 2012 FMS 13.

                                fmse is running (fmadmin start fmse returns 'already running' and scheduled scripts work smoothly), but when called using PSoS, it returns a 812.

                                The only solution so far is to restart the Service completely (restarting the server from the admin console or the CLT does not suffice)


                                Did you already run into this one?