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Discussion created by camberol on Mar 23, 2014
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Mac OS X 10.9.2. FMP Advanced 12.0v5.


I have been getting intermittent crashes while developing a two file, separated solution. There may be weeks between crashes, although the frequency is increasing. These crashes occur in layout and browse mode. I cannot reproduce most of the errors. In some of these situations I will not be able to close any open window and the quit application menu command will be greyed out. If the script editor is open, I may not be able to close it and the list of scripts may disappear. If scripts remain visible, double-clicking one script may open another. Forcing the application to quit is the only way to resume. Other times the application will just crash.


Sometimes, I will use a script to backup the solution before it crashes or before I force the application to quit.


- Will I be backing up an damaged copy in these situations?


The only bug that can be reproduced is when dragging a new layout part into the layout. An immediate crash almost always results. This will not occur on a new, unedited layout. If I delete the header of an existing layout (which has the bulk of the layout's complex graphics) dragging a new part will not lead to a crash. I have already recreated all objects on this part from scratch and have not been able to nail down any specific object as the source.


I tried several months ago to edit a few layout objects in FMP13 and found that doing so could corrupt those objects. Since then, I have rebuilt the solution from scratch to eliminate the layout object corruption. I wonder if I succeeded.


I always use the most recent backup after these episodes and start over. To my knowledge I have always gone back to an un-crashed backup. All backups are saved as compacted copies.


While dragging the layout part suggests corruption there, the other crashes may suggest corruption elsewhere.


How do I determine where the corruption is? I have saved a DDR and validated the xml with Textmate.


I have rebuilt these files from scratch several times in the past only to find the same behavior cropping up.


Of note, my Samsung SSD seems to have problems that need disk utility on a regular basis to fix. It will be replaced soon.


In rebuilding from scratch, what elements of the corrupted database can I copy/paste or import from the old file to a new one without fear of corruption.


- tables

- fields (as opposed to tables)

- scripts

- layout objects

- custom functions


Is import better than copy/paste and if so, in what situations?



How can I determine if a file has been recovered or crashed?