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Discussion created by bigtom on Mar 23, 2014
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So I really just need to pull certain emails with specific subject lines into FM. Running FMS13. I would prefer the server ran the email script once every 20 minutes or so. I am not sure if I need to get all the emails and toss the ones I dont need. It would be much better to pull in only the ones I need, about 20% of the total emails.


I took a look at the following things:


360 Works Email


Mail It 5




Mail to Filemaker Importer


In a test setup Mail It 5 continually crashed any solution including the sample files with the demo. So that is out. I was disappointed because a number of people seemed to choose Mail It over all the other options from what I had read. It woul gather about 15 messages and crash. I still have the logs, but not interested in chasing the problem as other stuff worked.


Mail to Filemaker Importer worked well for the price, but I need to have MacMail running on FMS as well as the import app. I would prefer to only have FMS running on the server, but this may not be an issue.


CNS and 360 Works seemed to work about the same.


I know this has been talked about many times by many people. The only thing I can see as an advantage is that 360 Works gets a lot more praise for product support than anyone else. Not that I would need too much support for a simple email plugin, but I do only want to pull certain emails into FM and maybe they can help that happen if it is possible. I believe Mail to Filemaker, CNS and 360 will allow getting folders via IMAP and I might be able to send the messages I want to a specific folder as a pre-sort to weed out 80% of the messages FM does not need.


Is there a general best practice for dealing with emails? I need some data in the email sent to fields in a record and then the emails are useless. I can get them in groups and loop through the list parsing out the data I need or I can get them one by one using one record and clearing it after each email is parsed.


Where is my question exactly? Not sure. Just looking for any advice on dealing with this situation.