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    FMP 32 bit?


      Is FMS13 the only application that runs 64bit?


      I noticed all the client installs running 32 bit even though there are 64 bit machine requirements.

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          Seems to be so the more I read.

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            There is only a 64-bit os requirement for the server.

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              As I understand, FM Pro 12 and 13 are 32 bits on the client and 64 bit on the server (Only).


              This page says FM Pro 13 requirements:




              On the Mac, 10.7 and up are OSes that requires a 64 bit processor. FM 13 Pro is 32 bits according to Activity Monitor, even when running on 64 bits systems. It seems the requirements have nothing to do with microprocessor arquitecture but libraries present only in newer versions of the OS.


              Windows 7 can be found in 32 bits version. 

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                Maybe FMP 14 will be 64 bit like FMS 12 and 13.  Typically the server version benefits more from 64 bit technology to take advantage of more than 4 Gigs of RAM.  One challenge for converting the application to 64 bit is that all of the plugins will have to be converted.  Already a number of plugins have a 64 bit version to work on the server, but most FileMaker plugins are not 64 bit.  I'm sure FIleMaker is looking at how much FileMaker Pro application would benefit from 64 bit and how much it would break old plugins and make the entry level operating system requrirements newer.