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    Password protect layouts


      Here is the scenario. A psychologist has asked me to develop a simple database to keep records of meeting/discussions with clients. As part of the initial meeting they will want the client to take a simple test that I can create with radio buttons.

      However they would hand the ipad to the client to complete the test.

      Since the database will have details of all clients a client could potentially access the records of other clients if the ipad is handed to them for the test.

      My question then is can I password protect withing the file so that they cannot leave the test without entering a password (ie they cannot access the main menu from the test).

      If not then I can create the test as a separate db and simply send the results via email/pdf to drop into the main db.

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          Here is the scenario. A psychologist has asked me to develop a simple database to keep records of meeting/discussions with clients.


          Have you discussed your lack of experience in FileMaker with your client? Is this something which they are aware of and prepared for?



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            Thanks for that.

            Just something we are working on.


            I realise I can call a script that could ask for the password before allowing them to leave the layout but I just wondered if there was a more elegant solution.


            First time I've posted on here and that's the helpful reply I get.......sheesh.

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              Not a commercial venture, just something we are working on.


              Client confidentiality is at issue. You raised it. That’s your question.  If client confidentiality is breached, it may be your coding that is at fault. Your friend may suffer professionally, financially, etc. These are the ramifications.



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                I get it, we are just playing with ideas.

                Forget I asked.

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                  Appt, sorry that your first post here generated what I'd consider inappropriate responses. We all started as not knowing anything about FileMaker.


                  Look into creating a set of layouts for your test that do not have any navigation on them other than to go to the next set of questions - a forward button only. Also use different user accounts. When the test begins you could re-login automatically to the "test" account. Have a separate account for the iPad. Maybe when the test is complete the last button pops up something like "Pass the iPad back to the Doctor". If they continue the iPad could automatically log out of the system and back into the main account - which requires a password.


                  You could also have a completely separate database on the iPad that connects to another file that contains all of the patient data.


                  FileMaker's security is going to be key to your solution here.


                  See, its not that difficult to be helpful.

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                    The simplest way, albeit not totally secure, limit navigation off the test layout(s) with only one button. Create a password that only the doctor will know. Create a script for the one button that does something like this...


                    Show a custom dialog - you will need a global field to capture the password

                    when the password is entered evaluate it against what was decided upon


                    If( Global_PW does not equal "my super great password" )

                    show dialog - sorry but no go...


                    You could also setup a user acount for testing and relog into the database with that account before handing it to the patient. Then evaluate the privilege set when navigation off the test layouts.


                    There are other options but this should get you moving in the correct direction...




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                      I would have a relogin button and have the client relogin as a user with privileges to only see those layouts and or records pertaihning to their account.  This can all be done in the FileMaker security by creating a privilege that only lets them see certain layouts.  And you can make a privilege calculation that does not let them see records not pertaining to their account or whatever creative calculation you want (it could be only records created in the last hour or whatever).  There are a lot of things that can be done. 


                      I personally would put a client test data in its own database with privilege sets. 


                      In this US, this typically falls under HIPPA requirements.  So you might consider creating audit trails too.  Just a suggestion. 

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                        Many thanks.


                        I had already thought that a custom dialogue box with an input field might be a sort of solution but the suggestions here have given me further ideas to explore.

                        I've created a few solutions that my school/department are using really successfully so I'm not a total newb, just that the whole confidentiality thing was something I needed to get my head around.

                        As has been said we all start at the bottom and I'll never make any headway if I don't keep learning.

                        Faith restored.

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                          Nothing like learning by actually doing things.  And this is a good place to get some creative ideas because no one person can think of them all.  If you get stuck as you going, just post a note and you'll generally get some good help here.  Best of luck!

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                            Many thanks, really appreciated.

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                              Thanks again for all the comments (well, nearly all).


                              Finally got it all working with the ipad forcing a re-login when you leave a layout. The layout is a Health questionnaire and when completed the patient presses the 'FINISHED' button which pops up a dialogue to pass the iPad back to the Psychologist. Clicking OK forces re-login. have tested it dozens of times now myself, and with the pschologist and I cannot find a way to bypass it so I am confident that the patient will not be able to get to the other notes on the ipad.

                              Pyschologist has been testing for a fortnight now and absolutely loves it, saves so much time and the only problem we have run in to is the one where a field reports that it cannot be modified because it is being modified elsewhere (which it isn't). I understand that this is a memory issue that affects the latest ipads most of all?

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                                I like David's idea. 


                                In my own words/vision:

                                1. A "start test" button does an automatic re-login using a tester account.
                                2. The test is "given" with a set of wizard like layouts that only allow answers and navigation to the next question.
                                3. The end of the test there is a "Done" button with some sort of message. 
                                4. The only way forward from this last screen is to re-login with a higher priv set


                                Good luck