Best practice for version updates and external data storage

Discussion created by psijmons on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by BarbaraCooney

The option to store container data externally from FMP has now been around for a couple of years.


Especially with secure storage, one has to be careful when moving files around from production server to developer machines and vv. as some of us may have found out the hard way.

In our solution with data separation, when occasionally we need to update the data file, we download the files from FMS to our servers, run import scripts to migrate all data to the new version, then upload back to production servers.

As we are using SuperContainer, the data files remain relatively light. However, for a new solution we contemplate external data storage in the field option for container fields and would like to run all import scripts to fresh clones directly on the production server.


I am curious to see best practices for installing updates, migrating all table data from old version to new version and keeping all links to external data storage intact.