Portal going back to first record and not readjusting

Discussion created by alexander1z on Mar 24, 2014
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I just bought Filemaker 13 today and converted my program which is in Filemaker 11.

I skipped FMP 12 because of the lasting trauma of converting from 7 to 9. Luckily this conversion is going much better. Or at least it seemed to up until I ran into a portal problem.


I have a portal that contains images and when someone clicks on an image or goes to the next image the portal resets itself and makes the chosen image at the center of the portal (there are 11 rows). OK so after using my program for a while I noticed that the portal was not readjusting correctly, so I went into debug mode and stepped through the script and everything worked fine. (Don’t you love Filemaker). OK I missed something, so I did it again and it worked fine. One more time and everything looked great. Turned off the debugger clicked on go to next record and it didn’t work (i.e. it did not make the selected image the 6th record in the portal). Went back into debug mode and stepped through the script and clicked step into over and over to see if there was some hidden script being called. Nothing.

There are 300 images in the portal and every time I to go the next record the portal only shows the first 11 images. The portal seems to be set to go back to the first record, but this behavior does not happen when I am debugging.

It seems FMP 13 portals are different from FMP 11 portals. Could someone please enlighten me on how they are different?

Would appreciate any suggestions.