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Get (DocumentsPath) on Go failing

Question asked by JStars on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by rgordon

Problem: Attaching a PDF to email on Go 12 fails.


I have a client using Go 12 to connect to Server 12.


I have a script that creates a PDF of a few records and saves it by setting a variable ($$DocsPath) with Get (DocumentsPath) & "Agreement.pdf."

The next step is Save Records as PDF using Output File Path List as $$DocsPath

Lastly is a Send Mail step with Attach file $$DocsPath.


Everything works OK using the desktop client version in 12. When performing the script on the iPad, the email arrives, but without the attachment.


Did something change in 12 for iOS that makes this fail?


One other bit of info that might help: When I add a step that lets me view the PDF on the iPad, I get a blank document.


Jonathan Stars