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The hosts capacity was exceeded, try again later

Question asked by jlisburn on Mar 25, 2014
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I have a FMS 13 hosted solution (running on latest edition of Maverick - not server) that is being used by 6-8 users currently. I have a particular script (which inside runs a 'Perform Script on Server' command)


When the 'PSoS' is triggered I get the error logged as 812 in ScriptDebugger and a Filemaker dialog window with the text shown in the Subject (and an OK button) (see attachment)


My licences covers me for 26 Web Direct and Go connections, and I'm using a couple of Go connections only.


My server is set to allow 50 simultaneous script sessions (I uppped from 25 to see if this was the issue) and 250 client connections.


Other PSoS instructions run fine in other scripts. I'm investigating the possibility data might be an issue but at first glance I can't see anything untoward.


Anybody have any ideas? The only articles I can find about this are to do with files hosted on FM Pro that are maxing out their capacity