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    Tagging in FileMaker?


      I have a curriculum database to document lesson plans, strands, units, etc. Does FM 13 allow the ability to tag? For example, I'd like to have the ability to "tag" lesson plans with a digital citizenship tag, which might be a way to reference work people have already completed or are working on with creating a Digital Citizenship scope and sequence. This would also be an ideal way for research skills to be identified in existing lesson plans.

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          If I understand your needs you should just be able to create a text field that the tags would get entered into in value list format (return between each tag) then you can set up a search on that field for the tags that you want.

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            Hi Dolly -


            A very simple way to handle tagging would be to add a "Tag" field to the table storing the records you want to tag, and enter the name(s) of the desired tag(s) in this field. A checkbox data entry control, fed by a value list containing the tags you want to use, makes it easier to enter multiple different tags.


            A more sophisticated approach is to add a "Tag" table in a many-to-one relationship with the table storing the records you want to tag. Attributes of these Tag records might include the ID of the record being tagged, the name of the tag being applied, and perhaps the timestamp and account name at record creation (so you can see who applied the tag and how recently). A portal interface on a layout based on the table containing records you want to tag makes it easy to enter and display Tag records in this approach.




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              Thanks, guys, for the suggestions.  Makes sense

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                long time after the original post this might be more for other users looking for "tagging"in Filemaker. Though I myself prefere non-plugin-based solutions, I any way want to add the plugin "Reactor" (Reactor: FileMaker Plugin for Advanced Interface Controls. Drag and Drop, Gantt Charts, Calendars and more). This one promise to provide a more visual approach of tagging that many people are used to. They better ptic is done through a webviewer. I have not tested the plugin myself..

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                  In my examinations of this problem, I keep wanting to let the user add arbitrary tags and apply structure afterward, so that it's a familiar mechanic to a user who has encountered tags elsewhere, like on these very forums.


                  I can imagine working with a paragraph-delimited list in a text field, perhaps, and somehow converting to and from comma-separated entries for editing and display. And then using various techniques described on this forum to gather all of the distinct list items from all the records. I'm just not sure what feels elegant about any of this. Or how fast it would end up being. And I know I won't be able to format them as cute little pills, the way I often see, or auto-complete individual tags in a free-form edit box listing multiple tags.


                  Any advice from experience on implementing something like this?