best practices for auto-updating a solution (with data migration)

Discussion created by aeu477 on Mar 26, 2014
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I have been searching for an answer to this, but either my Google-fu is waning, or there just isn't much out there about it:


When I update an end-user's FMP solution locally (local to me, not the end user) because I don't have directm remote access to log into their FMP server, I end up delivering a new file and then dealing with the migration of their live data into the new version of the database. Obviously this creates a headache for both me and the end user. Does anyone have any thoughts on best practices for this? e.g. Do you use scripts to automate the import of data from the previous version of the database, so the end user can have an automated data migration experience, somehow? Any advice on this or links to good resources would be great!