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    Of popovers and buttons, slide controls and tabs


      Popovers and slide controls are new design tools which are elegant and useful alternatives to standard buttons and tab controls.


      In relation to popovers I have been trying to find a way to (1) convert an existing button into a popover, (2) select a text object/image/field and turn it into a popover, as we have always been able to do to create standard buttons. So far I have found no way to create a popover except from scratch using the layout tool provided. Granted you can then configure it to include an image or text in such a way that only the latter is visible, but it seems you have to follow that process.


      In relation to slide control objects, it would be nice if it wer possible to convert an existing tab control object into a slide control, but again my experience so far is that you must start from scratch using the layout tool.


      Has anyone found a way to overcome either of the above? And if there is no way, would this be a useful thing to add to the wishlist for version 14?

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          I don't think there is an option to convert these elements... But I agree, it would have been nicer if they implemented these as "Behaviors" instead of fixed elements.  It would be nice to be able to have a Field behave like a Popover button also.

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            At this point you can't convert and existing button to a popup button.   Once you create one you can copy and paste it.  Hopefully FileMaker will add that feature soon.



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              What I have done when I liked a button but wanted the new Popover feature was to create a popover from scratch, give the popover "window" an object name and them move the button on top of the popover button. Change the button script to Go To Object.  That way the button can call the Popover.  Granted it is a kluge, but it does allow me to repurpose the button.


              Cheers, Mark

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                Interesting trick, but I'm not sure why you wouldn't just use the popover instead of the button. However, I have done a similar thing to cover an action on both FM13 and FM12—a button which navigates to a new layout in a new window in FM12. I replaced this with a popover in FM13, but of course the popover doesn't work in 12. So I designed the popover button to be identical in appearance to the standard button and placed it directly on top of the standard button. the layout looks the same in both versions, but the popover in FM12 is invisible so the button activates, whereas with FM13 the popover activates because the button is hidden below it.