FMP11- Strange dot asterisk in Time Field

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Has anyone an idea how or why setting a Date field to a date value would result in the field containing an extra period and asterisk?


I have a situation where when using the Set Fiield function to place in an ordinary date field a date, such as Get(CurrentDate) or from a variable or from a calculation,

The data entered is not 7:56:49 PM but 07:56:49.* PM (or 00:01:20.* in the case of a duration calculation, for example), and is therefore not a valid date (i.e., "?" ).


- The field is a normal date, indexed, no auto-enter calculations

- Yes I have tried removing the index

- When this happense, I can see in the Data Viewer, while using the Debugger, that immediately following the Set Field command, the contents of the field is correct,

however, once the routine is over, I see the field now contains the invalid date.

- There are no layout or other script tirggers.

- The Set Field function is performed on a layout with no fields

- This DOES use the separation model: The layout and field are in a table from another file.

- I have two routines that call the subroutine performing the Set Field command. I get consistenly correct results when one script calls the subroutine,

and consistently incorrect results when the other script calls the subroutine.

- I have been trying to debug my non-complex code for hours, trying to determine what could possibly be the difference in conditions, such as mode.

- Sorry, I'm not really able to include any of the code here (yeah, I know). I'm just hoping for clues toward what else to look for.


FileMaker Pro AdvancedScreenSnapz001.png


Much thanks!