FM Go 13 and sound events

Discussion created by odubov on Mar 27, 2014

Problem: I need to create buttons with linked sound event (like click when button was pressed)


option #1: to use "Beep" FileMaker command.

Yes, it works, but sound is not matching my requirements. It more like "error" sound, it not close to "click".


option #2: to open new window with container with mp3 file with option "Start playback automatically"

It should work, but Im not sure, that opening new layout with switching focus to other layout will look smooth

I suspect, that I'll get blinking layout picture.


option #3: to use webviewer with html code, that playing audio file.

Looks, like there are some restrictions in mobile version of Safari, that prevents to authomatically play content with audio tags.

May be you know, how ?


option #4: to use jquery plugin.

This option looks the most promising for me.

Please looke at this website: http://ionden.com/a/plugins/ion.sound/en.html

This page is playing sounds in mobile Safari and even in webviewer!

In attachment you can find html file, that starting to play sound authomatically as well as after click on html button (this works for me in Desktop Safari)

I did the test FM Go project, with placed in containers all of this files (mp3 file, jquery plugin and ion.sound plugin)

After start, Im exporting all this files to Get(DocumentPath) location and generating html file for opening in the webviewer.

But generated HTML not playing sound not after loading and even after pressing html button.


May be someone already faced with similar challenge ?

Or may be I missed some other options to play sound in FM Go ?


Best regards,


Alexey Dubov