Prevent Modification of SOME fields with privilege set & flag fields

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Mar 27, 2014
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FM11 (for now, soon to be 12/13)


I've been looking in the archives, but no joy (yet). Given that the status of a contract goes from:

Draft > Out for Review > Revised > Executed > Paid > Closed


I'd like to be able to prevent general users from changing SOME fields after a contract is 'Executed', then some more fields after is is 'Paid', and then ALL fields after is it 'Closed'.


I'd like to do this with Privilege Sets and not layout tricks for several reasons, including that these users have traditionally been able to create/edit layouts, so they could bypass layout-based 'tricks' (which are not really security.


I tried putting a Limited privilege calculation for editing records that included SELF which the calculation engine rejects....


Has anyone already solved this? If you can point to a post that solved this, I'm happy to chase it down.


-- Drew Tenenholz