Aliasing Parts

Discussion created by dogden on Mar 27, 2014
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Hello all,


Background: I am trying to make an alias portal for similar parts. We have gone through a few part naming/ numbering standards over some years, and I am trying to have the previous names/ part numbers aliased to the current numbering scheme. I have a primay product table, and I believe I need an "alias" table and just index the two and portal over to the primary product table, but I'm having some trouble.




If Part-1 has been called Part-A, Part_one, and P1, then I am trying to have the "Part-1" record in the product table show the known Aliases "Part-A, Part_one, and P1".

At the same time I am trying to get "Part-A"s record to show alias of "Part-1, Part_one, and P1" and so on...


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