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    WebDirect Subsummaries Working?


      FileMaker 13 - When sorting and displaying subsummaries in WebDirect, they cover part of the body with a blank box. I am using Chrome. Has anyone else had this issue and found a work around? This did not happen with IWP.



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          Please post screenshots.


          WebDirect is not IWP, completely different rendering engines for the front facing display. You might want to rebuild your layout from the ground up utilizing one of the themes in 13 for best compatibility, rather than using a layout that was converted from an IWP layout.

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            Thanks.  Here are some screen shots.  I did not try to recreate yet so maybe that is what I need to do. 

            From FM Pro:

            From WebDirect:   If I remove the subsummaries, the report displays correctly. 




            Message was edited by: fkoger Screen shots would not go through so trying to attach a file. 

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              It looks like you have objects that overlap your layout parts (IE header into body, subsummary into body, etc.. Specifically your "Summary for Sector IV" white box looks like it overlaps). Webdirect requires all objects to be fully contained inside the boundaries of a layout part to display correctly.


              I'd recommend doing ctrl + A in layout mode just to see where things potentially overlap.


              And it's fast becoming a best practice to rebuild specifically for web direct, so that wouldn't hurt either (even though it's a pretty complicated looking report).


              Good luck!

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                I did go in and increase all the subsummary headers to make sure they were definitely larger than any fields as I thought that may be happening also but making the changes still did not fix the issue.  I used the ctrl + A and all fields are within the correct part unfortunately.  It appears the best solution may be to rebuild but as you can see, it is fairly complicated and will take time I was hoping to avoid.  Thanks for your suggestions.  I'll let you know if that fixes the issue once I have it rebuilt.