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Temporary path issue on Windows 7 - FileMaker 12

Question asked by on Mar 27, 2014
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I've looked through the archives but haven't found this is an issue for others, but has been happening for many users on our end...


We use extensive SnapShot links for sending groups of records to folks for processing. We have a script that saves the $path variable to:




prepath =

Case( Abs (Get(SystemPlatform)) = 1; "filemac:" & Get ( TemporaryPath );

"filewin:" & Get ( TemporaryPath ));


file = GetAsNumber(Get ( CurrentHostTimeStamp ));

snap = ".fmpsl" ];

prepath & file & snap)


We then attach the $path file to an email and send.


Works fine on Mac and "some" windows machines. What we're finding is that the S10 folder in the temp folder sometimes is not there, or gets deleted, so the script step to save the snapshot link fails. I have even created the folder, then the script works, but somewhere in that login instance it is removed and fails again. I thought the temp folder was the best place for saving things for user permissions? How do we get around this? We don't want to clutter up the document ro desktop folder with a bunch of temporary snapshot links.


Thanks in advance,

Laura Bowyer