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    FileMaker Pro Adv. 13 Running Extremely Slow Windows 7 32 Bit


      Hello All,

      wanted to take some time and post to the community re: an issue that we have recently run into during a filemaker 13 upgrade that has caused us alot of headaches.


      Upgrading from filemaker 11 pro to 13 pro adv, opening any solution in windows 7 32 bit was taking a user on our network 3-5 seconds to regain control of the FM window when clicking into another application regardless of the app. We identified and tested a few potential causes.


      - software (FM or the solution itself)

      - other dependancies Bonjour, .net etc

      - user accounts

      - network issues

      - phsycial machine

      Identified and isolated all issues potentially causing the 'slowness'. Deploying a brand new machine with only Win 7, and FM13 installed seemed to correct the issue. Seemed like a software issue.


      Uninstalled/reinstalled all other potentially 'offensive' software on machine having issue (bonjour, .net, etc), and reinstalled FM13 still slow.


      Realized the user still had FM11 on their machine to access legacy databases. Uninstalled FM11 restart - installed FM 13 restart - problem solved.


      Seems as though FM11 and FM13 do not play very nicely together.


      We will keep testing and report anything further back to the forums.


      Have a great weekend.


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          Thanks so much for sharing this!!


          Thank You,

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            Some files are shared by any version of FM in


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              I have 9, 10, 11, 12, & 13 all installed on my dev box and haven't really run into that issue.

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                Ran into issues again today - back to square one. Just checked with the staff and we realized the person who deployed the fresh machine (see original post) to test on, deployed a 64 bit version of Win 7 not a 32 Bit version. Going to try deploying a 32 bit version and test it out. So far 64 bit is working ok...


                Tried deleting the Local App Data's  - no difference.


                @Aryden you are right did not think having multiple versions of FM was supposed to be a problem hence my post.


                I am also going to try installing FM Pro (rather than Adv) to see if it makes any difference.


                Will continue to post back any further resutls.


                in the meantime anyone ever experienced anything similar? It is taking 3-5 seconds to gain control of the FM window once in another app (i.e. switching from IE to FM). Starts approx 1-3 minutes after launching FM regardless of the solution opened...any help greatly appreciated.

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                  Hello All,

                  Hopefully we have finally solved the issue. Testing concluded no specific issues with either 64 or 32 bit nor the setup in question. Hardware was ruled out. Concluded it must be some type of software conflict. As such due to the sheer number of variables (specific programs, software patches etc installed) thought it might be better to test the setup identically as there were too many variables to isolate. We made a clone of the problem computer to test the exact same setup.


                  Uninstalled all FM software. Deleted all temp files and other specific FM files and dependancies. Reinstalled all. No change still displaying slowness issues. To be clear when changing windows (even within FM itself) it was not giving the user control of the window instantaneously, but hesitating 3-5 seconds. All testing was being completed as a member of the adminstrators group. Had a brain fart.


                  Uninstalled all FM software. Logged into the machine as the local adminstrator. Installed FM13adv software complete. problem resolved. tested some more still no sign. Logged in as the domain admin, and then user who initially complained about the issue. No sign of any slow down. Logged back out, logged in as local administrator, installed FMP 11. Tested - issues seem to have been resolved. Tested as the problem user. Issue resolved. in both FM11 and FM13adv


                  I am not sure exactly what was causing this issue however it seems to have been related to some type of conflict when the installation was being performed as any member of the domain admin group. Not sure why install using local admin would have corrected the issue however it seems to have worked. It also does not explain why the issue was temprorarily corrected previously by unistallation/reinstalling. Regardles, I will try to replicate the issue again on another machine by installing the software using a Domain Admin rather than a Local Admin and report back.


                  Hopefully this post may help others that may have experienced the issue.