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Confusion over Set Field By Name

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by erolst

I have a simple field on a form where I can use SET FIELD fine to update the value, but trying to use SET FIELD BY NAME instead does not work (for me, yet).


After looking at the examples in the help, I'm still mystified.


This is a simple date field called CHECK_DATE and I want to write a script to update that field with the current date (Get(CurrentDate)).


The SET FIELD does this fine, but the SET FIELD BY NAME has no effect (fails with the "102" - Field Not Found, error).


In the SET FIELD BY NAME target field, I simply picked the field name from the list of fields (no "calculation" required).


In the Calculated Result calculation, I have the expected: Get(CurrentDate).


Yet, when I run the script, nothing happens (except for the 102 error, that is).




I've also tried creating two variables and then using the "$" variable names for each part of the SET FIELD BY NAME, but no dice.


Not sure why this is so confusing, but I'm clearly missing something.


Would appreciate any insights on how to get SET FIELD BY NAME working.