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Create Reminders From FMP via AppleScrips - How to pass Variables?

Question asked by sailmtry on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2015 by jrenfrew

Hi All,


Really hoping someone can help me with this scripting challenge that I'm having. We are on FileMaker Pro 13 (recently updated) and I simply want to click a button on our layout which will create a New Reminder in the Apple Reminder.APP which will include the contact name, the date for which I want to be reminded, and a short body of text. I've created an AppleScript (see below) which does this, although it's currently hardcoded. However, I have not yet figured out how to pass parameters/variables from FileMaker Pro 13 such as contact name, date, reminder text which are in a pop-up menu (in FMP) to the AppleScript to perform the actual creation of the New Reminder. If anybody out there can help me I'd be most grateful. Thanks in advance


In the AppleScript below, the variables than trying to manipulate from FileMaker Pro are:


mytitle, mydate, mybody, mylist


tell application "Reminders"

set mytitle to "Name of Contact"

set mydate to date "Thursday, March 27, 2014 10:30:00 AM"

set mybody to "Activity - call"

set mylist to list "Today's Tasks"

tell mylist

make new reminder with properties {name:mytitle, body:mybody, due date:mydate}

end tell

end tell


Example of the AppleScript run outside of FMP.