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Database backup file size smaller with FM13

Question asked by GreenBike on Mar 29, 2014

I have recently upgraded all our office computers to FM13 and FMPro13. I also reset the file options for our system so that it can only be accessed by FM13 versions. The database is running on FMS13 and has been for some months. I have just been looking at my backups and I notice that since changing over to FM13 my database backup file size has gone from 57mb to 37mb. Even more interesting is that this didn't happen immediately but over the next few days after I upgraded. Each successive backup was smaller until it got to this size. I'm not aware at this stage that anything's gone missing. There has been no change to other settings that I'm aware of. All container fields are stored externally.


Has anyone else seen this happen? Do I need to be concerned?