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FileBooks Link plugin error

Question asked by duncanbaker on Mar 29, 2014

Hey folks


I have an old FileMaker/QuickBooks integration file built in FM5. It's a runtime solution. It utilizes the FileBooks Link plugin and I was just setting it up for someone and I've run into an error.


The plugin is querying QB for the list of QB Items that are set up and putting them in a return delimited list - usually this works fine, but in this instance there are approximately 2500 items set up and it's not pulling back the list. I'm thinking it's hitting the limits of what can go in a delimited list or a value list.


The script line in question is:

Set Field ["xml store","External("fbLink-Query", "*|" & "ItemQueryRs/ItemServiceRet/FullName/text()" & "|" & "Item" & "|")"]


It then formats the data:

Set Field ["fbl command", "External("fbLink-FormatData", xml store & "|" & "Text")"]


And then moves it to a value list:

Set Field ["value list", "fbl command"]

Set Field ["value list", "value list & "¶" & "None""]


The error I'm seeing in the drop down field that's linked to the value list is:

$$-10|An invalid number of parameters was specified.



Because I inherited this I don't believe I have the FileBooks Link Toolkit which would aid further in identifying the issue.


Any thoughts?