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How to setup a Checkbox for Record Specific Fields - Email location

Question asked by sailmtry on Mar 30, 2014
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I'm creating a Popover with a few selected fields so that the user can create a calendar event for the active record (the one they are viewing). I've created an applescript that tells "Callendar" to creat that event. That all works fine for: event time, date, title, summery, etc.


However, I'd like to create a checkbox with the phone numer (or numbers) of the current record (not the entire DB) so that when it's selected (checked) it is passed to the new calendar event - in this case an apple script using List () fuction.


For instance, let's say that the end users is setting an appointment with the contact (current record) for a call on a later date. The end-user asks the contact if they would prefer to have them call on their "cell phone" or "office phone" or perhaps meet at a physical location. I'd like the end-user to be able to simply click on a checkbox for either "cell phone" or "office phone", etc for that record, instead of having to cut/past the phone number.


I tried to create a popup menu as well as a check box, but when I tie that to a "Value List" all the phone numbers in the entire DB are shown. I even tred to creating a field in the DB with a calulated result of Cell phone + Office phone ( result of text) and tied as a value list, but now luck.


Many thanks for you help!!



Running Mac & Filemaker 13


Code and screen shot below:

List (



"tell application " & Quote ( "Calendar" ) ;



" Set mylocation to " & Quote (Contact Management::Calendar Location ) ;



"set mysummary to " & Quote ( Contact Management::Full Name ) ;


"Set myduraration to " & Quote (Contact Management::Calendar Duration) ;


" set myeventdescription to " & Quote (Contact Management::Calendar Description) ;



"set mystartdate to date " & Quote (Contact Management::Calendar Start Date Time ) ;



" set myduraration to " & Quote (Contact Management::Calendar Duration );



"set mycalendar to calendar " & Quote ( Contact Management::Calendar Name) ;



"tell mycalendar " ;


"make new event with properties {description:myeventdescription, start date:mystartdate, end date:mystartdate + myduraration * minutes, summary:mysummary, location:mylocation}";



"end tell";



"end tell"



Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 4.12.48 PM.png