Simple Calculation for portal sorting

Discussion created by madmike6537 on Mar 30, 2014
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I am trying to create a search box for a portal. I want the items in the portal to show only if the name matches whats in the search box. If there is nothing in the search box, it should show all the records in the portal.


Here is what I have in the filter of the portal, but its not working - not sure what I am doing wrong. The search field is the field: Overview::Global_NameSearch.


If(Overview::Global_NameSearch = ""; 1;

If(Overview::Global_NameSearch ≠ "";

If(PatternCount(Customer::CustomerName_Full; Overview::Global_NameSearch) > 0; 1; 0)))



It just always shows all the records, never filtering at all. Thanks in advance.