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What is the best Hardware to run FMPS 13 with over 27 concurrent connections

Question asked by Boutsy on Mar 31, 2014
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I want to buy new hardware so that I can host a Filemaker 13 solution with Webdirect. Since I want the possibility to have over 27 concurrent connections I know I have to invest in 2 new machines. At first I wanted to by Windows machines (4-core and 12-core). But, together with the windows server 2012 licence it would cost me about 8.000 Euros. I have always worked with windows machines, since the speed while using filemaker always seemed faster then on a MacOS machine.

Now, I'm considering to go for an Apple sollution :

Database server : Mac Mini Quad Core i7 (2,3 Ghz) / 8 GB DDR3 RAM / 1TB Fusion Drive / MacOS : (1.148 €)

Web Publishing Server : Mac Pro : 12-core (2,7 Ghz) / 32 GB RAM / 512 GB PCIe-flash / MacOS : (7.749 €)

This would give me a cost of about 9.000 Euro.

Is this the best, fastest, most reliable configuration I could buy? Or, should I work with Windows servers?

Do I need something else?


Thank you in advance,