Indexing and server performance

Discussion created by ErikWegweiser on Mar 31, 2014
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I just wanted to verify I'm doing the right things...


We have a large system that I'm trying to optimize.

Several related files (yes, developed in v6 a long time ago, but we're keeping the separation model for a few reasons).


- In our large Contacts database, I have segregated some less-populated fields into parallel tables.

For instance, few have email addresses, so that's in a related table; rarely if ever searched.


- Yes, any field that is being used for searches or keys is indexed.


- Most fields used for searches are indexed as well, with the exception of some fields used

only for sorting small sets of records in an unfiltered portal (this is FM 10!)


I have turned OFF indexing on as many fields as possible when I know they will never be

used to search or sort. For example, Notes: While there may be several notes records

for a Contact, I don't want to store what woud be a hugely varied index of that field.

Understood that this means searching such a field is prohbited (would at least take a long time).


Just displaying the set of notes records does not depend on the field being indexed (only the

key field for the related notes table need be indexed, of course).


I want to make sure I have the correct concept. While I understand it is generally recommended to

index for efficeincy, I also interpret this to mean only when required, as indexes increase

size and decrease the efficiency at least somewhat.