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    Mail Merging ODBC with Word


      Hi all,


      I've got a simple mail merge template in word set up. I've got my FileMaker based CRM system, which has data I want to use in te MailMerge split into many tables. I can manage to do a MailMerge into MS Word which obtains data from one table from my CRM, however as the data is spread across multiple tables this solution is not suitable.


      Any ideas how I can get fields from related tables (linked tables) into my MS Word MailMerge. The only thing I can think of is is to create a and temp structure which combines all the related fields in one table and ODBC off that, but surely there must be a more efficient way of doing this?




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          If you export from the parent (and pull child data), you get a different structure than if you export from the child and pull parent data.


          How many relationships are there from the parent?


          If you can pull from the most distinct child, you may be able to pull all the other related data.


          Please include a screenshot or further description of the relationships.


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          Beverly Voth


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            Hi Beverly,


            My relationship graph is massive for my CRM as I have lots of relationships (looks like a massive spider). Below is a subset of the tables I would like to Mail merge from, the members would contain name details, address table would contain any particular addresses, if I wanted to list university they attended I would use the HigherEducation table combined with with Member table as the the base table. If I wanted to list donated amount by the member, I would expecte to use data from Member, Donations and Addresses file.


            Hope that kind of makes sense. i will look into exporting data, just I was really hoping to avoid exporting data out of FileMaker into a CSV file.



            Communication (contains email address, telephone etc)




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              I said "export" as this helps you see the "flat data" that gets pulled and how it differs based on the perspective (parent / child).


              If you are using ODBC to query the FMP, then you really are "flattening" the data. But it depends on the perspective as well. What you need is still to find the "smallest" bit of data from a table, then get the other related data.


              Can you post the query here?