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Add new Entry Button

Question asked by timacadia on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by timacadia

so I'm trying to make a button that adds a new entry to the database. the button works fine as long as you don't have any entries to update before creating the new entry.


e.g. So I have a date modified box. This is an auto fill box that puts the date the entry was modified into the table. A created by box, auto fills with the logged on ID of the person making the entry and a Description box.


So if I set the date box to fill when the record is CREATED I have no problems, it adds the new record and displays a new one ready to fill, But I want this to have the date you last modified this record, this is where I run into issues if say you have typed into the description box then click the button, it performs the update on the modified date, and adds the new Entry BEHIND the one you are updating, basically putting an empty entry into the database.


See pictures4-1-2014 1-00-50 PM.png4-1-2014 1-04-47 PM.png


Very confused.