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    Opening a URL from Within a Popover


      I've tried this and haven't succeeded. Is this supported in FM13? Thanks.

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          e, please include the script(s) or other necessary information about what you have *done*, so that we may assist you better. How is the "URL" formatted in the popover? what "click" script(steps) are called? etc. Thanks!

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            My apology. I confused the issue. The URL works correctly from within the popover. But I need to make images of the popover for distribution, and it's from the image of the popover that the URL doesn't work.

            Which, of course, is not Filemaker's problem.


            I'm using CaptureWizPro to make the images.


            Do you know of any other tool that could help me reach my objective? My suspicion is that I'm asking for too much.


            Thanks for your help.



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              Pardon me for jumping in.  If I understand your situation, you are using a screen capture program to grab your Filemaker screen that is showing your PopOver URL link.  You are then wanting the link on the captured file to function.  If that is correct, the problem is that screen capture programs grab pixels from the screen and not functionality. I assume that you are saving the screen captures as jpg or png files.  The only way I know of to make the link work is to use a web development tool (I use FireWorks), take your graphic image and create "hot spots" over the URL portion of the image, then save it as an HTML file so when the user clicks on the image of the URL, it goes to that URL.  If there is another easier way, I'd be happy to hear about it.  Here's a snapshot of what I was talking about (not functional because it's not in HTML).  Cheers, Mark


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                Thanks for jumping in. Seems like Fireworks is what I need if there isn't any freeware or cheapware available to do the same thing. I'll look into it further.



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                  Hi Dave,


                  I'm not endorsing this because I haven't tried it, but Google came up with this free app.  Fireworks "ain't cheap".




                  Cheers, Mark