Root file location for FM Direct

Discussion created by chronister on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by mikebeargie

I am playing around with FM WebDirect and it seems to be a very cool option for accessing the DB. My question is this.... where is the default file that is served when I go to http://<IP> ?


I can access the db via webbrowser using http://localhost/fmi/webd and it comes up with a list of my db's, however, when I just hit http://localhost it serves me a blank html doc with nothing in the markup..


Where is that file so I can utilize this page for intranet purposes or a gateway or something.


I have tested index.html files in /inetpub/ and in <filemaker install dir>/HTTP_Server/conf directories and can't seem to locate this file.


I found several topics in this forum, but none addressed this.




Thank you in advance,