Using Drop Down Lists in FM Go

Discussion created by ontarget on Apr 1, 2014
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The Problem: I have been looking for some time for a way to get the drop down value lists in FM Go to work without the scrollers.

My issues as a business app developer is that scrollers do not work at all when the list is longer that say 25 items. If your checking out a customer at a counter and the customer has several items to buy, the process of finding the items in a large inventory list is impossibly slow. The standard drop down list in WebDirect for example is a much better solution, I can type the first few characters to see the subset of inventory items that contains the item I need to enter.


A solution needed: If you have this same issue, have you found a solution that can bypass or use another workaround to speed the data selection? I think there should be an option to use scrollers or the standard keyboard access to edit and select the items. The feature request could be years in coming so the prior option will not solve the issue.


I have searched the forum for options, but most solution require the user to build table or portal options that will not work in a scroller anyway.