FMSA Installed on IMAC as Test Bed

Discussion created by gvklimetz on Apr 1, 2014
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I have FMSA 12 installed on my IMAC so my partner and I can test data systems over a wan. I recently upgraded the IMAC to Maverick and am trying to install the update for FMSA. First I had to reinstall Java.... now I cannot open Java as it didn't come from the App Store.... I need to find FMSA so I can stop the service so I can perform the upgrade..... According to instructions, on a MAC you stop the service from the admin console, but now it will not open........ any help would be appriciated. Apple is starting to send us things that make my Mac behave alot like a PC....... ugh.


Contact me offline if it is better for you @ gvklimetz@mac.com Thanks