FMS 12 Backups Still Running

Discussion created by RebeccaPridmore on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by lderuntz

I have a new installation of FMS 12 v4, running on a Windows 2008 server. My 11pm backup, which includes a file consistency check, doesn't finish. The admin console says it's still running from Sunday night (so no subsequent evening backups have been run.) My midday backup, with no check, runs just fine every day. The logs says the 11pm backup completed and the consistency check passed, but the console still says running.


I would just turn off the check for now so that the backups can run, but I can't edit the script (or any script) while this one continues to run. I don't have any idea how to stop it or figure what's wrong.


Anyone seen anything like this?