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    Trouble connecting FMSA to the outside world


      Hi all, I'm new here, though some of you will have seen me in Another Place!


      I have a Mac Mini running 10.9.2 Mavericks, and my Technet copy of FMSA. FMSA was configured to install its own version of PHP.


      If I access anything via localhost, it all works fine, including the PHP pages. But I need my client to be able to access it too. I tried accessing the same pages via my IP address, and of course my router asked for a password. So I tried setting up ports 80, 443 and 5003 on my router. It still fails, though without asking for the password.


      If I'm right in thinking that this should be a pretty straight forward process, please can some kind soul help me to figure out where I'm going wrong.


      Time is of the essence, as I need to be able to demonstrate CWP to my client ASAP!






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