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    Using HTTPpost to interact with a stand alone PHP mail sending/receiving program?


      Given fmPro's heightened web interactivity and 1990s era email implementation for it's #1 use - CRM -

      ...it SEEMS that the best (least convoluted, hoop-jumping and scalable) email implementation would be to implement a stand-alone PHP send/receive program.


      I'd like to:

      1. Send html/text email (porgrammatically choose the sending vehicle based on the # of emails going out at one time (eg < 100 local, > 100 to mailchimp) (- using httpPost?)
      2. Recieve email from multiple sources (exchange, pop), including attachments into a fmPro accessible rds (fmPro, mySQL)


      Advice on a PHP package that you've had success with?


      1. Thoughts of assessment?
      2. Recommendations?
      3. Cautions?