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    Web direct


      Dear Filemaker Folks,


      I am using FMS Adv13 with FMP Advanced 13. Is anyone tried about web direct? If so, please let me know the...


      1.Pros and Cons?


      2.Any Technical drawbacks?





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          - Very quick deployment of desktop style web pages

          - Very quick deployment of applications to end users - deployment is simply a web link.



          - Can be slow to load in the web browser if the Filemaker layout is not optimised (hint: Use themes on layouts).

          - It's not really possible to make a very pretty mobile phone specific web-page.  This is because it's not possible to make a 100%width web page (e.g. zoomed in on open and doesn't allow zooming).  Mobile browsers aren't listed as supported browsers anyway I think.

          - Pay filemaker per endpoint

          - Be careful when designing layouts to prevent the page refreshing (calculations on the screen, multiple user considerations).

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            Check out this video by Richard Carlton:



            (the one for "FileMaker Web Seminar: FileMaker WebDirect" under the "FILEMAKER GO" tab)


            Optimizing the themes are a huge key in making WD efficient.


            My thoughts:

                 1. Remember that "less" is more (most of the time on the web, we need to get the point across quickly, and less to view is helpful)


                 2. Printing is NOT going to be your friend, but we must remember that this is the WEB and printing rarely gives me what I want from a web page (any site).


                 3. WD ( like it's step-parent IWP ) has limitations. If we work with what it can do, and not what it cannot, then we will be able to create useful solutions. At some point if we need more, then you still have the ability to web publish (CWP) using PHP or other web apps, by querying FMS to get XML or using ODBC (SQL) queries.