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    Generating Report for a specific category


      Hi All,

      I have a table which contains many fields along with the category one. I want to generate a report belonging to a specific category. Does anyone have an idea how to do it?



      Thanks in advance,


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          Stephen Huston

          This sounds like a matter of scripting a process to:

          1. perform a find on the catagory you want reported, assuming you really mean one category. (You could also do reports summarized by category on All or a Date Range of records; also doable with scripting.)
          2. Sort the records into the order you need for the report.
          3. Switch to a layout which contains the fields you want reported,
          4. Print, Preview, or Save as PDF file.

          There is also an option under the New Layout dialog to create a report layout, though the result is generally a good starting point only -- not really a final report. During the New Layout creation, you can also specify to make a script to run it, though you will need to edit the script if you want it to include any specific searches, as the default generally acts on the found set of records.


          Take a look at the built-in FM Help sections on New Layouts, Report layouts, and sorting sub-summary parts for more ideas.

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            Thank you Stephen for the reply. I'll try what you mentioned.