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    Webdirect - disable disconnect message on exit


      How can you stop a WD user getting that geeky "Santa Claus, You have been logged out successfully..." message when they exit a session?

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          Here's how (Mac --- same may work on Win)


          Edit the file:


          /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/jwpc/tomcat/fmi/VAADIN/themes/default/i18n/en


          (Strange that I didn't think of looking there in the first place!)




          USER_LOGGED_OUT=%s, you have been logged out successfully from '%s' database!






          (I added a space after the '=')


          Restart the WPE -- voila!


          OS X Find does not penetrate these depths, it seems, but by putting copy of the 'Web Publishing' folder on the dektop you can search that and find quite few goodies.