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    Reports in Filemaker 13 Advance


      Your help would be highly appreciated. Thank you for taking time to help me out in advance

      I have a report with all the assigment and their resuts. I need help with 2 things:

      1. I have generated a report which shows all the assignement with their reults, but i need just one assignment to be displayed in the report at one go. Is there a way to filter assignment and show only specific assignment at a time.

      2. I know how to have a total count of the reults based on each assignment, but i need help to know how to calculate total "PASS and FAIL" result in each assignement.

      Thank you

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          Hi, I feel I am missing some information but as far as selecting one assignment to show you will need to use a global with a drop down list based on the field Assignment and having a relationship to the Assignment field. At that point you can select the assignment to show from the global.


          I don't understand the rest of you questions.

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            We need a lot more detailed information before we can help you.  Let's tackle one thing at a time.  Explain in detail how you go about creating the report that you have.  Perhaps post a screenshot fo the script and the layout.  An overview of the tables you have would also help.