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WebDirect Account Management

Question asked by MartinCrosman on Apr 5, 2014

I am currently working with WebDirect where I have a file that manages accounts and then allows the user to navigate to assigned separate project files to continue working. These are files not tables.


In FileMaker, the user's account and password are set in the Account table and then as each of the separate Project file is created the account and passwords are added and can be updated via a script by the administrator. However while this feature is needed the solution must also let the WebDirect user to change/reset passwords should they forget them


On the WebDirect side of things a user can log in via the account table and then navigate to the assigned projects. They need to re enter account and passwords to get into the Projects Files.


I have built in the capability to reset their password but if the password is updated in the Account table I need to get the passwords in the related files updated to this new password by the WebDirect user when they navigate to each Project Table.


Any ideas?


I was thinking I could pass the new password in a script parameter to the related Project file. The Related file opens with guest privileges with the user being challnged to enter account and password info and relog in. At the point the option could be to log in with existing password or newly created?


The solution specification requires the Projects in separate files.


Any ideas or feedback on this approach is welcomed.