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    Sum(field) not working


      Ok I'm sure I'm doing somthing dumb here thats making this not work. I have my Portal, with an entry for Number of hour's, I want to add those hours up into a total hours box on my main Layout. I set total hours to calculate sum(ticketdescription::timespent) but no sum ever appears in the total hours box. HELP


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          In the screenshot of your calc it appears you have the result set to number. Make sure it matches the data type it is adding up; I assume TimeSpent is a time field. Even then, however, you should get a number result. You also need to make sure you have the relationship path to the field you are totalling correct, and that the context is correct (see top of calc panel).

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            Both fields are  numbers  Figured entering Times would be too accurate (we bill to the closest 1/4 hour either up or down) so i just want to be able to enter 1.0 or 1.25 etc for how long was spent onsite. and the total just adds them up.


            Right now I have a connection between the Tickets and Ticketdescription tables via  the unique Ticketnumber which is how they are linked for everything else (which is working fine)  (I tried adding another link between timespent and totalhours but still not working)  Connection is set to allow creation of records on the Ticketdescription side.


            Context is set to Tickets which is where I want the calculation done.