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    Subsummary part not displaying properly


      This my first post.

      I have a simple Book Inventory DB created in Filemaker 12 Advanced with 500 records thus far. I want the list view to display the initial letter of a title or author in a subsummary part.


      For example, the subsummary line should display an S with all of the authors whose last names begin with S listed below followed by a T and authors whose last names begin with a T, etc.

      Currently, it displays only an A and then all of my records appear alphabetically with authors names from A-Z. The subbsummary part does not display an other letters than the A.


      Here is my setup for the author initial sorted list:

      -- I have a calculated field to extract the initial called author_initial.

      -- The Subsummary part is set to display when records sorted by author_initial.

      -- My script sorts the records first by author_initial and then by author_last and finally author_first.


      I have a similar setup for the Title initial letter subsummary.


      Any ideas what I am missing? I even checked the Contacts starter solution to see how it is accomplished there and I think we are set up the same way.


      Thanks for any help you send my way.


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          Stephen Huston

          The subsummary part must fully contain the field for the author_initial field, and anything else it is displaying. Fields in subsum layout parts should neither touch nor cross part boundaries, and the authors' names should appear fully within the body part, which would be below the subsum part.


          Also be sure that the sort order is respecting the part order -- since the subsum part with the initial should com above the body if you want it to appear above the names it includes, the sort order needs to be:





          To test, try adding some space at the top and bottom of each layout part, and perform the correct sort manually just to check that, as the scripted sort might need to be revised.

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            Stephan, thank you for your quick response and suggestions. I tried all of them, but had no luck.


            The Subsummary part actually displays the correct Author Initial (A) above the records of the authors whose names begin with A. Unfortunately, it does not display B, or any other letter, above the authors whose names begin with B or subsequent letters of our alphabet. The is true for the remainder of my sorted records. It is really frustrating when something sort of works (pun intended), but lacks apparent consistency.


            Again, thanks for your suggestions. Do you have any more?



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              The attached file works as per your requirements. Study it and make sure your file does the same.

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                Thanks for sending the sample file. I studied and compared it to my file, but I cannot see any differences beyond field nomenclature. I had some entries without authors, so I deleted some of your  names to see if that could have any effect. It sorted and displayed properly.


                I am stumped.


                Thanks for your time and suggestions.



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                  Still stumped, eh? That's a worry. In your own file things to check include:


                  1.     Make sure your author_initial calculation matches mine: Left ( lastname ; 1 ) with the result set to text.

                  2.     Make sure your report layout matches: fields entirely within the boundaries of the body part of the layout; subsummary part sorted by author_initial is above the body part; author_initial field entirely within the boundaries of this subsummary part

                  3.     Make sure the sort order matches: 1. author_initial (this sort will create the letter divisions); 2. lastname; 3. firstname (these two sorts just arrange the names in order within each letter division).


                  If checking and verifying all of the above in your file doesn't fix things, try creating a new layout that matches the one in my file and see if that helps.

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                    Stephen Huston

                    Is it possible you created a "Leading Grand Summary" part instead of a SubSummary part set to appear "above" the body? Leading Grand Summaries won't repeat in each section like a regular subsum part.


                    That's the only other thing I can think of that would explain this without seeing your actual file.

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                      Keywords, your latest suggestion about setting the result of the author_initial calculation to text cleared the problem. Your example file showed that, but somehow I missed it or assumed mine did when I shouldn't have. When I created a new layout with the same result, I knew the the problem was my calculation. As always, the devil is in the detail.


                      I want to thank keywords and Stephen Huston for generously giving their time and offering their expert opinions about my subsummary problem.