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Subsummary part not displaying properly

Question asked by mtshep73 on Apr 6, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by mtshep73

This my first post.

I have a simple Book Inventory DB created in Filemaker 12 Advanced with 500 records thus far. I want the list view to display the initial letter of a title or author in a subsummary part.


For example, the subsummary line should display an S with all of the authors whose last names begin with S listed below followed by a T and authors whose last names begin with a T, etc.

Currently, it displays only an A and then all of my records appear alphabetically with authors names from A-Z. The subbsummary part does not display an other letters than the A.


Here is my setup for the author initial sorted list:

-- I have a calculated field to extract the initial called author_initial.

-- The Subsummary part is set to display when records sorted by author_initial.

-- My script sorts the records first by author_initial and then by author_last and finally author_first.


I have a similar setup for the Title initial letter subsummary.


Any ideas what I am missing? I even checked the Contacts starter solution to see how it is accomplished there and I think we are set up the same way.


Thanks for any help you send my way.