Automatically leaving a field with 6 characters or 7 including a space.

Discussion created by trm1945 on Apr 6, 2014
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Canadian Postal Codes can be written two ways: eg. V9L3X9 or V9L 3X9. In a program, it's easy to code in a "Goto Field" command after the last character for the case of 6 xor 7 characters. I'm having a problem of leaving the field after both cases. A simple example is:

If (Length ( field ) = 6

Go to Field

And, the same for length of 7 characters but in the case where the Postal code can be keyed in either way, I get stuck. Char (32) and Char (20) and " " were tried as space identifiers but no luck. A script trigger is set to "On Object Modify" for this Field and If I write the script to leave the field after typing in the 6th character, it works. Same for the 7th character but not for either case which is what I'm after.